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Carpenter at Work
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Carpenter's Tools

Meet Rough Cut Products LLC

Welcome! Every piece we craft is original and built to last! Our products are hand-crafted from Montana trees! Browse our site to find out more.

montana handcrafted wooden bench
Fire Wood

How our products are made

Not all evergreens are created equal. The Tamarack is in the Larch family and is actually a deciduous conifer, shedding its needles each Fall. The needles turn bright yellow and fall off just like the leaves of oaks or maples, leaving the tree a stark, straight sentinel in Winter.

No worries though! All our tables are made from fallen trees (Larch, Douglas Fir or Engelmann Spruce). The raw material is a log that might look a little grim but those scratches and knots give it character.

We cut the log to length, strip it of bark and then cut with an Alaska Mill into slabs. What we turn it into depends on how the grain and natural burls in the wood move us.


Where can you find us?

The Kalispell Farmer's Market for 2024 will start in early May and run through October. You can find us there on Saturday mornings.

We also have a few products at The Rancher's Daughter in Kalispell Montana and Home Consign & Design in Whitefish

About Rough Cut Products LLC

Anthony started building wooden tables and benches as a hobby in 2022 and before he knew it, the workshop was getting stacked with furniture. After some gentle urging from Kat to do "something" with them, they decided to try selling the finished products. The local Kalispell Farmer's Market seemed like a great place to start and that's what they did! In 2024, Kat decided to try her hand at woodworking as well and she's now in charge of making the wooden utensils.

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All work done under the expert supervision of our Foreman - Hercules


592 Patrick Creek Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA

Anthony: 845-283-7701 - Table/Bench Builder

Kat:  406-270-3667 - Everything Else

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